For your midterm assignment you will complete a windshield survey with one of these populations in mind. A windshield survey is an informal survey where the health professional drives around the community/area they are researching, and records his/her observations. For your windshield survey you can use any environment that you would like as long as you can relate it back to the course material. You should also include specific information relating the vulnerable population that you chose back to community determinants and mechanism of vulnerability i.e. how does the environment surrounding the vulnerable population that you chose impact its education, its income, its probability of remaining in the poverty cycle? I am providing a list of questions that can help guide your thinking, but you do not have to use all or any of the questions provided. Your final deliverable for this assignment should be written in essay form, 4-8 pages Times New Roman 12-point font. When completing your survey make sure you use APA format and relate your findings back to the course.


If I focused on the homeless population, I might do my windshield report on one of the local homeless shelters and talk about the conditions and how it relates to the homeless population being part of a vulnerable population group.