Minimum and maximum proportion
frequency distribution for the data.
Based on the frequency distribution, develop a histogram
relative frequency distribution
Construct a line chart showing the data
Determine P-value
Calculate the numerical value of the test statistic
Conduct the appropriate hypothesis test using a = 0.05 (You can mention this somewhere, just a small example )
Calculate the variance
z test/ t-test/chi-square test
Model Building
Make sure your submissions are clearly separated with sections below and these sections belong to the correct reports.
Solution Data constitutes of three parts:

  • In Problem Statement

o Please improve the problem introduction: Add more details and critical thinking. Answer questions about why, who, where, when, etc…
o   The Objective of the study. Please improve and provide the reason for working on this study.

  • In Analyst Statement:

o    Discuss statistical tools and methods to use.
o    Clearly justify why you selected these tools and methods.
o    Add the process or steps of these statistical methods.

  • In Solution, you can summarize your findings and provide some charts and tables.

o    Summarize your analysis, your tools, and techniques
o    The Decision to the given problem and how you reached that decision
o    Why your decision is the best option for addressing the given problem
Statistical Report has two important sections: Data description and Statistical Analysis

  • Improve your Data description part, describe your data with more critical thinking
  • Statistical Analysis: apply the rest of the appropriate tools you learned to the data (eg. descriptive statistics, z test/ t-test/chi-square test, ANOVA, Correlation, Regression, and Model Building, etc…). Provide graphs, tables, any kind of visualization.