Sociology homework help. Each week, you are to write 400 words (200 words, 2x per week) about life in America during this time.  Each 200-word piece should be based on a newspaper or magazine article. Two (2) times per week, you’ll read and very briefly summarize a newspaper or magazine article, and discuss the social significance of the article and the information you are presenting. If more than 50 of the 200 words is used to summarize the article, there is not enough of your own thinking and your summary is too long! In your response, you should consider what it is about that article that stands out to you – why did you choose that one over the hundreds of articles written each day? You should also consider the quality of the source, and make sure you have selected news, and not “opinion” or some other less-reliable information source. Additionally, you should think about and include information related to the sociological ideas, theories or concepts might apply to the article/situation you are summarizing (at least one (1) per article). You will include a hyperlink to the article you have selected. The link does NOT count toward the word count; neither does a title (which is not necessary) or your name.

Sociology homework help