Sociology homework help. Sociocultural Ecologies of Health Reflection:
Health is affected through interaction with different ecologies including the physical, biological, political, and socioeconomic environments. Varying cultures face vulnerability to disease differently. Answer the following questions by completing the template included:
Describe how the political and economic environment of various cultures impacts health.
When do you think it is fair to point to individuals as a fault in terms of disease?
When do you think it is fair to point to larger forces – at a societal level – as a fault?
Provide an example of vulnerability as it relates to culture and disease to support your thoughts.
TEXTBOOK Essentials of Health, Culture, and Diversity. Chapters 7-8, Edberg, M. (2013).
Reference at least one example from your readings this week in Chapters 7 and 8.
Complete the template attached and submit a Microsoft Word document. You will need to answer each question with three to five complete sentences.

Sociology homework help