Sociology homework help.

Part I (3 pages + reference page)
· Describe the prevalence of sex trafficking of African American youth living in urban enclaves.
· Please research sex trafficking of African American youth living in urban enclaves and provide some current statistics on the prevalence of that particular problem. Please make a distinction between national statistics and local (Baltimore, Maryland) statistics, and if possible, demographic breakdowns such as race, religion or socioeconomic status.
· Please be sure that your problem reflects the needs/problems of urban youth specifically
· Please provide some behavioral definitions to frame the problem. This assignment will allow you to build an evidenced-based intervention strategy that is also culturally competent.
· You must provide proper APA citations to all statistics. Please be sure you have at least 10 empirical current sources in your bibliography.
Part II (no page limit)
· Using sex trafficking of African American youth living in urban enclaves and the operational definition that you have stated in the first part of this assignment. The next step in treatment plan development is establishing broad goals for the micro interventions of the defined target problem. These statements need to be crafted in measurable terms but can be global for long term goals that indicate a desired positive outcome to the treatment procedures.
· 4-6 long term goals
· 5-7 short-term goals/objective that correspond to each long-term goal. An objective may be thought of as a series of steps that, when completed, will result in the achievement of the long-term goal. The short-term objectives must be stated in behaviorally measurable language. It must be clear when the client has achieved the established goals, therefore vague, subjective objectives are not acceptable. In this part it is important that you clearly indicate the person responsible for achieving this objective. Again, use best practice models and incorporate cultural competency.
· These goals must be evidenced-based AND culturally competent. Hence, you may need to be somewhat discriminating in your research. You may need to filter out what is commonly perceived as universal treatment and tease out the treatments that may be most effective with specifically Urban Youth.
Part III: Creating Intervention Strategies (no page limit)
· Interventions are the actions of social worker designed to help the client complete the short –term goals. There should be at least one intervention for every short-term goal. If the client does not accomplish the initial interventions, new interventions can be added to the plan. Your interventions should be culturally congruent.
· Interventions should be selected on the basis of the client’s needs and the worker’s full therapeutic repertoire. Interventions that you may select may encompass a broad range of therapeutic approaches including cognitive, psychodynamic, behavioral, pharmacological, family oriented, solution focused and systems theory (etc.). In this process of creating interventions, you need to state the person responsible for carrying out this step, specifically. (For example, the client, the parent, the workers etc. you do not need actually names quite obviously)
· You are NOT required to establish timelines because these are only recommended interventions and the actual social work practitioner will create timelines when they are developing their treatment plan. These are merely guidelines for practice.
· Please assign Interventions to specific corresponding short- term goals.
· You should have the appropriate subtitles for each section.

Sociology homework help