• 1.Most sociologists interpret social life from one of three major theoretical paradigms or theoretical approaches (i.e., functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism). Thoroughly describe the major points of each theoretical paradigm and the limitations/weaknesses of each approach.  Moreover, list one sociologist who has been identified with functionalism, one sociologist identified with conflict theory, and one sociologist identified with symbolic interactionism.  Be sure to include the reason or reasons you believe the sociologists are identified with the particular perspectives.
  • 2.Based on the class lecture, discuss the three major contributions made by each of the following sociologists: Marx (3 contributions), Durkheim (3 contributions), and Weber (3 contributions).  Then choose any one of the nine contributions and discuss what makes that particular contribution important for the discipline of sociology.  Be sure to provide some detail on how the particular contribution you chose significantly impacted sociology.
  • 3.Explain the process of cultural diffusion and how it contributes to cultural leveling. Be sure to provide a concrete example of cultural diffusion and cultural leveling.  Then discuss two ways in which this process is positive for our world and two ways in which this process is negative for our world.
  • 4.Discuss the process of structuration. Then apply the concept of structuration to help us better understand the phenomenon of consumerism in the United States.  (Be sure to discuss the two-way process in your application of the concept.)
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