Social Science homework help. Instructions:
There are two assignments:
The first one ( career assessment report is the example that you are going to follow), the career initial interview word document has all information that I could collect.
not going to do all of it the same because I couldn’t complete all career assessment report and classes are online

  1. if you have completed the assignment partially then you should do the following:
  • Complete the original assignment with all the elements you have completed. This means the initial interview, and any assessments that you have completed and scored. Then you should write a description of the remaining assessments that you did not have the opportunity to complete. You can research information related to the assessments through the websites of the assessments and other online resources.
  • The Report portion of the assignment on uncompleted assessments may include the following: 1) What type of assessment is it? (i.e., Interest Assessment, Achievement Assessment, Aptitude assessment, etc.), 2) Is there an age group associated with the assessment? 3) Are there subcategories assessed within the assessment? 4) How long does it take to administer the assessment? 5) Any validity/reliability information? 6) When and by whom was the assessment developed? 7) Cost of the assessment? 8) Is any special training necessary in order to administer the assessment?

This is not an all-encompassing list of possible areas to report on regarding each
assessment. Not all of the areas may have information available and, in that case,
cannot be included in the report. You may find other relevant information, not on the
list that you may include in the report.

  • If after including this portion in your assessment and you have not reached at least 12 pages of narrative, then you should do as many journal articles reviews as you need in order to get to that page requirement. Title pages of journal article(s) do not count toward the 12 pages requirement.

JOURNAL ARTICLE CRITIQUES – article on career assessment or vocational evaluation from a professional/peer reviewed journal and write a 2-3 page critique of each article. Identifying Information (listing the author, article, etc. using APA format). Summary (summarize what the article is about) 1 pageUse (discuss how you may use this information in the career assessment process) 1 page. Comments (other information that you learned or felt important about the article) ½ pgMinimum 2.5 pgs total – attach the article.
Just use the same career assessment results but this time it is not about the same person the I interviewed it is about me. The assignment is about two partners. But I did not have partner so just use the same results as if it is for another person who wants to become a consular.

Social Science homework help