Psychology homework help. 3-4 Page paper with references APA format- Please read below:
Think about the influence of environmental and social context on behavior.
Reflect on the following social media scenario:
You are reading posts in your favorite social media site, when you come across a post by a 19-year-old male. He writes that he was raped at a party last night and he’s afraid they will post pictures of it online. He is contemplating suicide. You notice three types of behaviors in the comments to him:
A small group of individuals are using profanity and belittling him. They are encouraging him to commit suicide.
A larger group of individuals are making supportive comments and providing the number for a crisis help line.
Many of his online followers have not responded to his post.
· Describe the impact of social context on conformity, obedience, and helping behaviors.
· Explain how social psychology theories or principles could be applied to account for each of the responses in the scenario (e.g., which principles/theories could explain response type A; which principles/theories could explain response type B, and so on). Be sure to support your assertions with scholarly content.
· Provide at least one recommendation to help reduce the derogatory comments or increase the number of supportive comments in the scenario, based on what you have learned about social psychology.

Psychology homework help