Psychology homework help.

 approximately 12 pages, double spaced .  plus an Appendix (see Part Two) that details the development of a health promotion plan targeting one health area.
A. Choose health issue that you would like to work on.
B. Read the material that we covered on health promotion and health inequalities.
C. Work on the paper
Part One:
1. Introduction: Discuss relevant studies, any relevant info about the issue/illness (statistics, summary of the knowledge so far, typical interventions).
2. Discuss risk factors (including risk-behaviors), protective factors. What are possible social and/or cultural considerations?
3. Describe your target population (its developmental stage, e.g. elderly, early childhood) and its needs in relation to the illness.
4. Develop your plan of prevention & promotion. FRAMEWORK: Where, how, and for how long will you intervene? Discuss your steps in detail.
a) Where are you going to do the promotion? Setting?
b) What are you going to do?
c) For how long? How many steps, times…?
d) Include ways of empowerment (personal and/or community), equity&justice, individual skills that you might target, etc., and describe how are these elements going to be addressed in each step of your program.
5. Considerations for implementation: how are you going to implement your plan? Resonable time-table. Determine and briefly discuss measurable outcomes of your intervention.
Part Two: Create an accompanying document. This could be a relevant poster, brochure, hand-out, or lesson plan. This is a place to be creative, as well as to think through how you might effect positive change within a system. This accompanying document must be an original creation, though it can include material from other sources, if you provide citations or a bibliography.
1. APA format and references (use at least 5 references)
2. Clarity and structure (Make sure you proof/read and edit your writing)
3. Implementation of the knowledge learned in class. I want to see that you have integrated what you have learned throughout the semester.
4. Creativity. Sometimes you need to think out of the box in order to reach a certain population at risk.
5. Presentation
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Psychology homework help