Most of these questions are relating to the book A General Theory of Love (Lewis, Amini, and Lannon).
All questions have specific requirements. I will provide these.
There are 20 short answer questions. (Each one has a requirement of 100-200 words). Here are some examples:
–  How are neural networks related to one another and what consequences does this have for human emotional experience?
–  Summarize the process of neural scaffolding and thinning described in this chapter. (Chapter 7)
–  Summarize the stages of the therapeutic process from limbic resonance to regulation and revision.
–  What do the authors believe are some consequences of the failure of American society to adequately nurture limbic balance?
There are 3 long answer questions. (Each one has a requirement of 500 words minimum). Here is one example:
–  In Chapter 9 of A General Theory of Love the authors discuss several aspects of contemporary life that make it hard to fulfill the needs of the limbic system. For this assignment you will reflect on an aspect of contemporary life, not discussed by the authors, that you believe undermines the needs of the limbic system. Describe the phenomenon you have in mind and explain in detail how it affects the limbic system.
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