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Select a current political news event from this week’s newspaper (free, online news source is acceptable) and write a 1 page essay that addresses the following questions:

How is this news event relevant to any of this week’s topics?

Your submission should include a summary of the news article, its relationship to one of this week’s topics, and a bibliographic citation for the source of the article.  Your essay should follow APA guidelines for citation and punctuation.

Learning objective(s):

  • Understand the seven key American ideas: liberty, self-rule, individualism, limited government, the American dream, equality, and faith in God.
  • Classify how ideas affect politics.

orange check boxTips for success:

  • To submit an assignment, click the Submit Assignment button to submit your work. Click upload file and attach the document directly to canvas.
  • Review the assignment grading rubric  (Links to an external site.)to ensure full credit.
  • While the time for completion will vary from person to person, please allow approximately 60 minutes to complete.
  • Proper APA extended citations must be provided. To assist with proper APA format, visit OWL Purdue APA (Links to an external site.).
  • No late work is accepted.