For this assignment, you will interview someone from another culture about their cross-cultural experiences. You will then write a 5-page double-spaced report on your findings. The process is as follows:

  1. You will interview someone using the following questions:
    1. Describe yourself culturally.
    2. What cross-cultural experience would you like to share? Describe the context, the backstory, etc.
    3. What cross-cultural experiences did you have prior to the one you are sharing today?
    4. How did you end up in this situation?
    5. Explain how you felt prepared for the experience.
    6. Explain how you felt ill-prepared for the experience.
    7. How do you feel that others in the situation reacted to you?
    8. What did you learn, if anything, from the experience?
    9. Is there anything else you would like to share?
  2. You are required to have a draft of your case study ready by week 7.
  3. You will write a report about this person’s experience. The report will have the following sections:
    1. Biography/background of interviewee.
    2. Background/context of cross-cultural experience.
    3. The experience itself.
    4. Participants’ reflections on the experience.