This week I am in need of assistance with this assignment. As you can see below it needs to be DETAILED DETAIL DETAILED. I have provided an example of a previous assignment and my last week’s paper.

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks again!

Create a 7- to 9-slide presentation using the scenario from your Week 2 Individual assignment  (this is total slides for everything in the submission do not go over 9 total slides!!!!…Let me Repeat that, there should be no more than 9 Slides submitted)


·        Intro and summary slide are required….note the intro slide is not your title slide. The Intro slide tells me what the presentation will contain/the outline.

·        Discuss three measurements you would use to measure performance for the project. NOTE: These are performance measures to be used as measurements during the project…not after the project has been delivered.  There is no “book” answer for these, it is what you come up with as to how you would measure performance on your project.  Recommend you have a slide for each of the measurements so you can show enough details on the items.

·        Determine appropriate financial compensation/rewards for the project team AND explain your rationale for selecting the financial compensation and rewards. As a hint, do not just tell me you would give a raise…that is not detailed enough….how much? Why was that selected over other options? Etc.

·        Outline a human resource plan for the project in the scenario. Do not just show me a diagram of an HR Plan on the internet, this needs to be specific to your project and explained.

·        Include typed (not audio) speaker notes on each slide….speakers notes are also not a “note bubble”…use the MS Powerpoint speaker notes.

·        The presentation includes relevant media/visuals/pictures/etc that are consistent with the content. In other words, do not just have words on the slides….make it look good.


Also when you put words on slides use bullets; do not use sentences/paragraphs on a slide. Also even though you are using Notes Pages you have to have some content on the slides….for example, in the past, some students give me a slide with just the header “HR Plan” and a picture of an HR office….that is not a good slide since it does not show the audience any information….yes you will have detailed information when you speak to the slide but you have to show something of value on the slide itself.

I can’t emphasize enough here…the information must be detailed and specific to the project that you selected.

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