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Identify 2 proposals that should be enacted as a priority in women’s prisons based on your reading and improved education over the last week as we examined this topic.
Write a proposal and provide a rationale for each and an intended result of each.  What are you hoping to change with your proposals and why?
This is only an example of how the proposal should be written

  1. Designing uniforms to fit female bodies
  • Rationale – When it comes to prison, they have been designed for men and their clothing do not fit well on women’s bodies leading to less comfort. There are regulations regarding what items of clothing can and cannot be worn and they are similar to those upheld by male prisoners.
  • Intended result – Having women feel comfortable in what they are wearing because they are going to be in prison for a long time. Sometimes there are women who go to jail and are pregnant. They should have access to uniforms that are soft and stretchy while their stomachs are growing. It is important to focus on women, sometimes more than men because they have more needs.