Nursing homework help. THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES FOR ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSING ANALYSIS /CONCEPT PAPER Analyze one of the following concepts: “Advanced Practice Nursing,” “Leadership in Nursing Practice” or “Holistic Nursing Practice” in terms of the interrelationships of philosophy, theory, research, and practice. The paper should be 7-10 pages in length (including title page & reference page). Paper should be written in APA format. Attention should be paid to proper grammar and correct spelling. RECOMMENDED OUTLINE Title Page Introduction of concept Discussion of o Philosophy o Theory o Research o Practice Analysis of concept in terms of interrelationship of philosophy, theory, research, and practice. Conclusion Reference Page Note: 1. There must be minimum of 5 References / citations. 2. The references /citations should not be older than 5 years (2015 – 2020). 3. References / citations must be written in APA Style. 4. The References / citations must be from scholarly articles / textbooks/ journals and not from blogs. 5. Wikipedia must not be used for references at all.

Nursing homework help