Week 7: Signature Assignment – Personal Theoretical Framework for Advanced Practice Nursing

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Points: 320 | Due Date: Week 7, Day 7 | CLO: 3, 5 | Grade Category: Assignments

Assignment Prompt

Discuss a personal nursing philosophy.  Apply what you have learned about nursing theory in this course.  Identify a nursing philosophy that best matches your personal philosophy.  Discuss a nursing framework or theory that fits that philosophy including how it fits your personal philosophy.   Identify a possible situation in which that framework or theory would be a poor fit and discuss why it is a poor fit for that situation.  While it is an important skill to be able to match a theory with a situation, it is also critical to understand when a theory or framework does not fit a situation.



· Due: Saturday, 11:59 pm PT

· Format: APA 7th edition

· Length: 5 pages, excluding title and reference pages, References must be  minimum of 5

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