MRKT 201

(max 30% of the total assessment)



Please select and describe any small business/company in your area. The observation must be at

least 2 hours. Based on your observation, prepare a 2500 -words report that will address the following:


  1. Identify the business name, location, and hours and days of operation.


  1. Does the business has a strategic location? If yes, describe and justify why you think the business location is strategic.


  1. Describe its products and/or services.


  1. Identify its customers and major market segments.


  1. Why do you think customers buy products and/or services from this business/company?


  1. Identify two competitors and describe how this business differentiates itself from them.


  1. Does the selected business have a competitive advantage?


  1. In your opinion, what dangers does this business face in the near future? Explain your reasoning.


  1. If this were your business, what would you do differently? Explain your response.



The assignment is to be submitted in Week 2 July 9, 2020 the latest (Thursday) via email. No extensions will be granted. Students can work in a group of two (2).

When submitting the assignment to me via email please write the following on the cover page and in the subject of your email:


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