1. Explain the International product cycle theory. Be sure to list and describe the four stages that a product might pass through.

2. List and briefly describe the four primary methods of estimating market size. Which method do you think is the best? Explain your reason.

3. There are six primary reasons why International Marketers implement International market segmentation. List and describe 3 of them.

4. How might a foreign government affect a company’s Salesforce management?

5. List and describe the benefits and limitations of a global marketing strategy.

6. List and describe the stages of the marketing research process. What is considered the most important step?

7. What mechanisms can exporters use to curtail the risks of price escalation in foreign markets?

8.Deciding to move toward global branding is a difficult decision. This must often be considered with respect to globalization versus localization issue. What are the questions  that might be useful in reaching a decision as to pursue globalization over localization? List at least 3 and briefly explain.

9. Explain the role of the free trade zone in modern trade. Explain the free trade zone’s relationship and benefit to global logistics.