Marketing homework help.


  • Identify an industry leader that has impacted his/her field.
  • Determine how the leader uses the leadership truths.
  • Analyze the types of power the leader possesses.
  • Define behaviors that show leadership styles.
  • Explain how personal challenges have changed this leader.



You will be choosing one leader who presented during the Hall of Fame events. You can view a recording of the presentation from the Full Sail Youtube page. If you choose a panel, you can use one or more of the panelists in your discussion.


1. Choose one leader from a Hall of Fame presentation that you would like to learn more about. List the leader’s name, position, and the Hall of Fame session name, date, and time. Watch the presentation. In addition, research this person to learn more about who they are and how they use the leadership principles.
Answer the following questions:
1. Choose at least two of the following questions (a, b, or c) to answer based on the leader. Include at least 100-150 words per response. (200 – 300 total words)

  • a. How does the leader drive commitment through trustUse the leadership textbook concepts from Chapter 6 to support your answer.
  • b. What challenges has the leader overcome to motivate him/her to achieve more? Use the leadership textbook concepts from Chapter 7 to support your answer.
  • c. Does he/she lead by example? Why or why not? Use the leadership textbook concepts from Chapter 8 to support your answer.

2. What leadership style(s) do you think he/she possess based on your research? What behaviors show this? Use this week’s resources from the Lesson Activity to answer. Include at least 100-150 words per response.
3. Based on the e3 strengths, what one e3 strength shows up for this leader? What observations support this? Include at least 100-150 words per response.


Document answering the above questions.

Marketing homework help