Management homework help. Leader Conversation Project
This assignment has been updated for online learning
Due: April 9
This assignment will be an outgrowth of your Leader Observation log and your Civic Engagement project.
Identify someone in your life, or someone you’d like to know, and conduct an interview with that person.
Leaders in all walks of life relate differently to citizenship, leadership, followership, influence, service and
other leadership concepts. Find out how your interview subject has maintained their participation through their
Leadership practice.
There are two elements to this assignment: (1) An interview proposal. We will work in class to determine
guidelines and best practices for planning and conducting interviews. Your proposal should be 2-3 paragraphs
in length and include a list of possible questions to ask. (2) A transcript of your interview with a 1-page written
summary. The total possible points for Leader Interview: 50.
Process and Requirements:
● Interview proposal. In 2-3 paragraphs, outline:
○ Your leadership theme that you’d like to cover in conversation with your subject
○ who you will interview
○ what your interview methods will be (in-person audio recording, over-the-phone audio
recording, written interview exchange, transcribed interview, etc.)
○ When you will interview your subject
○ A list of expected questions to cover
● Transcript
○ You may either post an audio file of your entire interview, or a written transcription of
the interview (NOTE: transcriptions can be time consuming and can be hard to make
○ A 1-page written summary of your interview. This will likely be similar to your proposal,
but with outcomes, results, and insights added.
● Make sure your interview subject is clear on why they are being interviewed, what topics will be
covered, and how long you expect the interview to take.
Civic Leader
Conversation Project
High-Grade Mid-Grade Low-Grade
Well-planned proposal — covers all requirements
— critically engages with
the textbook
— covers most of the
— refers to some of the
points in the textbook
— covers none or one of
the requirements
— does not refer to the
Conducting the
— Interview happens on
time and in the expected
— Interview questions are
appropriate for the subject
and an engaging
conversation ensues
— Interview happens after
some false starts and/or
after some technology
— Interview questions are
somewhat appropriate
— Interview does not
— Interview questions are
inappropriate for subject
Summary of Interview –Clearly uses one or
more example from the
–Using reflective
language, clearly and
concisely sums up the
main points of the
— Uses one or more
example from the text, but
the connection isn’t clear
— Summary gets the point
across but fails to reflect
on broader meaning.
–Does not use one or
more example from the
— Summary is

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