Management homework help. Final Essay Writing Assignment
(Worth 25% of Course Grade)
Delivery Method: Uploaded to Assignments Section under category Final Essay Submission
Due Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2020 not later than 1:00 PM
Late Submissions: After Class deadline: 10% loss in marks for per day late
After 3 days: The final essay automatically receives a zero mark
Essay Topic- Social Entrepreneurship – This topic must consider their impact on global business and how global
managers will react, plan and deal with related issues.
Essay Requirements:
The essay is a well-structured research paper that opens with an introduction (introduces the Thesis Statement), wellresearched arguments (minimum 2-3) with a clear conclusion in support of your Thesis Statement.
Based on your approved topic write and submit an essay which has the following elements:
1) Introduction: An introductory paragraph that catches the reader’s attention and states the relevance of your topic
(any background or current issues), identifying your Thesis Statement.
2) Body: The body should be formatted with arguments which support and defend the Thesis Statement.
These arguments need to:
i. Be well organized and flow from a logical start to a strong conclusion.
ii. It also needs to demonstrate the significance of your topic from a global business perspective.
iii. Clearly support, defend or justify the thesis as present.
V. Include evidence to demonstrate width/depth of research.
VI. To be written in descriptive form by not inserting any image, graph or table etc.
3) Have good quality writing:
i. Grammar, punctuation & spelling are virtually flawless.
ii. Language and word choice are appropriate throughout.
4) Be well formatted and pleasant to read:
i. Has an opening and concluding sentence.
ii. The essay follows scholarly conventions including proper formatting, citation methods and is virtually flawless.
5) Be original:
i. Your paper can use quotes from your research, but cannot comprise more than 10% of your paper.
ii. Make sure you take advantage of the Originality Check.
iii. During Originality Check on Turntin if it is found that essay content has been put in without
using appropriate citations or referencing then a case of Academic Dishonesty will be filed.
iv. Before the due date in order to conduct Originality Check, you may make a multiple number of essay submissions into
the assignment folder. However, your latest submission will be treated as your final submission.
6) Have the following length and format:
i. Between 10 to12 pages excluding title page and reference pages
in Times New Roman or Ariel, 12 points font & double-spaced
ii. Title Page must include:

Course Name, Code and Section

Semester – Winter2020

Essay Title

Student Name
✓ Professor Name
✓ Date of Submission
7) Create a thread:
Starting from the Thesis Statement, create a thread of logic that will follow throughout the essay. This thread will
be built on your research findings.
i. The thread needs to be directly related to your thesis.
ii. Creating a thread means it will have an introduction, body, conclusion – all focused on supporting the
Thesis Statement.
8) Wrap up your essay with a strong concluding paragraph that summarizes your essay with a strong concluding paragraph
that summarizes your arguments and affirm your Thesis Statement. In references use the APA standard formatting
(sixth edition).
Your Essay will be evaluated using the following rubric:
Excellent 9-10pts Good 7-8 pts Average 5-6 pts Poor 1-4 pts
Essay Arguments (50%)
Essay proceeds logically from Essay includes some logical Significant logical The essay is illogical, incoherent,
Organization start to finish and is coherent inconsistencies, but they hardly inconsistencies in parts of the and as a result completely
throughout. detract from the overall paper make the unconvincing.
coherence Of the overall credibility of the
argument argument somewhat
Thesis, whether implicit or Thesis, whether implicit or Thesis is identifiable in Essay does not contain–either
Thesis Quality explicit, is absolutely clear explicit, is clear and some form, with effort. implicitly or explicitly-a thesis.
and highly original. deliberate. Essay
effectively recognizes a
variety of
points of view.
Essay demonstrates a Essay effectively recognizes Essay is clearly, albeit Essay is deliberately not
masterful grasp of all a variety of points of view. unintentionally, partial. It impartial. The author has used
Objectivity sides of the issue. either fails to deal with the paper as a pulpit instead of as
contrary points of view out a framework for rigorous critical
of ignorance or deals analysis.
with them unfairly.
Analytical abilities on display Analytical abilities on display Analytical abilities on Paper reproduces arguments
Analysis are clearly superior and demonstrate an ability to display are inconsistent. from other sources without any
reflect an originality of separate ideas into their Some ideas are clear and evidence of understanding.
thinking. component parts. fully understood; others are
Evidence supporting arguments and Thesis Statement (35%)
Essay draws from sources Essay draws from a legitimate While the essay might draw Essay is drawn largely, if not
Depth that represent the best variety of information. Quantity from a number of sources, exclusively, from
information on the subject. of sources meets or exceeds but the information obtained inappropriate material.
Quantity exceeds expectations. is largely surface level.
Essay draws from an Essay draws from an Sources either come from Sources are both
Breadth impressive variety of acceptable variety of a single perspective or are excessively limited in
sources and perspectives. sources and insufficient to meet the quantity and
perspectives. demands of the Represent an excessively
assignment. limited point of view.
Presentation of the Presentation Of the Presentation of the Presentation of the evidence
Synthesis evidence demonstrates a evidence demonstrates evidence demonstrates demonstrates a flawed
masterful understanding a clear understanding of a flawed understanding of both its
of its themes, both specific its themes, both specific understanding of either its specific and general themes.
and general. and general. specific or general
Evidence is directly Evidence is largely Some of the evidence is Evidence does not
Relevance applicable to the analysis applicable To the clearly tangential and contribute to a fulfillment of
throughout analysis throughout. detracts from the the goals of the assignment.
credibility of the argument.
Quality of Writing (10%)
Grammar, punctuation, Limited flaws in grammar, Significant flaws in some Paper is incoherent because
Grammar &
spellings are virtually punctuation, and/or spelling of grammar, punctuation, of flaws in grammar,
flawless. Language and do not detract from the spelling, language and/or punctuation, spelling, language,
word choice are overall message of the word choice. and/or word choice.
appropriate throughout. essay. Some minor
problems with language and
word choice are noted, but
not problematic.
Essay follows scholarly Only minor flaws in terms of Significant flaws in terms of Paper displays a blatant
Quality of conventions including scholarly conventions formatting & scholarly disregard for proper formatting
Format proper formatting & citation including formatting & citation conventions (likely & scholarly conventions.

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