Part I.

The purpose of this assignment is to clearly articulate the specific strategies and methods that will be utilized to manage the organizational changes associated with implementing the problem solution you have selected (see file attached).

Review the “Change Management Models Matrix” (see file attached) and other study materials to identify which change model you will utilize to manage organizational change. Write 750 words in which you explain how you will address the following organizational issues prior to implementing the problem solution you have selected.

1. Identify the change model you selected and provide a rationale for how this model will be the most effective for managing the organizational change related to your action research project.

2. Describe how you will create employee buy-in (“What’s in it for me?”) to address the problem using your solution.

3. Describe the resources (systems, technology, training, etc.) needed to implement the solution.

4. Explain the methods you will use for addressing employee resistance to change.

Part II.

Create a data chart or graph to most effectively display the cost-benefit evaluation metrics that you will use to measure the success of your solution. Review the study material “Cost Benefit Analysis Solution Evaluation” Excel spreadsheet (see file attached). Write 250-word explanation of the degree of confidence you have regarding the cost-benefit analysis and the assumptions you are required to make for cost, risk, benefits, and the financial outcome of your proposed solution. Include an explanation of how you will measure whether the solution is successful in addressing the problem and meeting the needs of the business, employees, and customers.

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