After reviewing the materials for calculating a valuation for a venture, complete the following:

  1. Identify if your business is established or new.
    1. If your business is established, include the revenue – expenses method of value.
    2. If your business is established, calculate valuation using the EBITDA method.
  2. Estimate financial projections for the next three years (this will be completed in detail in lesson 6; here, just provide an estimate of what you would expect revenue to be for the venture).
  3. Estimate how much capital you need at this point of the venture (refer to your work in Assignment 2).
  4. Calculate valuation using the before the money method.
  5. Calculate valuation using the after the money method.
  6. Research the “multiple of annual revenues” for your industry and calculate your valuation using the multiples method.
  7. Calculate valuation using the terminal valuation method.
  8. Calculate valuation using the anticipated ROI method, both before the money and after the money for:
    1. 10x ROI
    2. 20x ROI
    3. 30x ROI
  9. Submit all calculations with equations using Spreadsheet Software. Include source citations.