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PS508: Ethics for Addictions Professionals

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Part A

In 2-3 pages, write an expository essay answering the following questions about ethical considerations:

  • What is John’s ethical responsibility versus his legal obligation to provide Shane’s mental health record to Mr. Parks?
  • What steps need to be taken to ethically and legally provide Mr. Parks with his requested information?
  • What is John’s responsibility as a licensed addiction professional to Shane’s unwillingness to prevent the spread of HIV (duty to warn)? What steps would need to be taken (if any) to ethically and legally address this issue?
  • As a licensed addiction professional, what is John’s responsibility and legal obligation to address the client’s current crisis? What specific steps need to be taken?
  • Are HIPAA regulations being followed? Which HIPAA regulations need to be followed in Shane’s case? Provide a rationale for your response.


Part B

Harm Reduction Plan

In 1 page, create a harm reduction plan to address Shane’s substance use disorder, mental illness, and his contagious medical condition. Be sure to address:

  • medication compliance,
  • systematically reducing substance use
  • treatment recommendations,
  • collaboration needed for client care,
  • safety precautions that will reduce risk of spreading HIV
  • and any ethical violations or considerations.

Safety Plan

In 1 page, create a safety plan to address Shane’s suicidal ideation. Be sure to include a duty to warn and duty to protect.

  • Has Shane been adequately assessed for suicidal intent?
  • Will Shane follow through with seeking safety when triggered toward self-harm?
  • Who will he call?
  • Where will he go to protect himself when feeling suicidal?
  • Define the duty to protect Shane in this case.






Note: This is a sample Reference page. You must update this page with your own references.

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