I need your help for writing essay (4 pages not including the cover page and references page)
The topic as below:
Apply the principles of one of the three quality programs you have  researched from your readings to your organization or a Saudi Arabian organization of your choice (Attached):
– Background information on the organization
– Reason why you selected the quality program for that organization
-Ways in which the quality program may help enhance the organization’s performance
– Write an essay that includes an introduction paragraph, the essay’s    body, and a conclusion paragraph to address the assignment’s guide    questions. Do not address the questions using a question-and-answer    format.
-APA style should be used
-Font will be: Times roman 12, and double space should be between lines
-At least 3-4 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles will be used as references (including the below two).
Required Reference:
Abd-Elwahed, M. S., & El-Baz, M. A. (2018). Impact of implementation of total quality management: An assessment of the Saudi industrySouth African Journal of Industrial Engineering29(1), 97–107.
International Organization for Standardization, ISO. (2018). ISO 9000 family – Quality management.
Rodgers, B., Antony, J., & Gupta, S. (2019). A critical perspective on the changing patterns of Lean Six Sigma researchInternational Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, (1), 248.
Alkhoraif, A., & McLaughlin, P. (2018). Lean implementation within manufacturing SMEs in Saudi Arabia: Organizational culture aspectsJournal of King Saud University – Engineering Sciences30(3), 232–242.
Randhawa, J. S., & Ahuja, I. S. (2018). An  investigation into manufacturing performance achievements accrued by  Indian manufacturing organization through strategic 5S practicesInternational Journal of Productivity & Performance Management, 67(4), 754-787.
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