Information Systems homework help. Organizational Structures & IT Organizations
Review chapter readings and lecture notes in Module 2 and answer the following questions.  Provide thoughtful and comprehensive responses to each of the questions below.  Upload homework assignment using the link provided in Canvas on or before the scheduled due date.

  1. List five common types organizational structures and provide a brief description for each of the organizational structures? Use table below for your responses.


Organizational Structure Definition


  1. What is the primary difference between a hierarchy and flat organizational structures?


  1. Relative to Matrixed Organizational Structures, please explain the differences of the weak-Functional Matrix, Balanced Functional matrix, and a Strong-Project Matrix?


  1. What determines the effectiveness of an organizational structure?


  1. Why are flatarchies organizational structures good environments for fostering innovation?


  1. How is a matrixed organization geared toward responsiveness and achieving results quickly?


  1. How can making decisions differ between a centralized versus decentralized IT organization?


  1. What is chain and command and span of control and how would these concepts relate to a how decisions are made and controlled in a centralized verses a decentralized organization?


  1. Describe how span of control would be used when flat lining a hierarchical organization?


  1. Why does an IT organization exist?


  1. What are the core components that need to be evaluated when designing your IT organization? Why are they important? Use table below for your responses, add rows if required.


IT Organization Design Components Importance


Information Systems homework help