Information Systems homework help. ITN 267 Assignment 10
Answer the following to the best of your ability in complete sentences with proper spelling and grammar. Be sure to elaborate on your answers and provide support for each of your statements. Your textbook and your own knowledge are your source for answering questions unless otherwise instructed. Format your answers in blue font.
Recall that you must cite any sources and it is never okay to copy from any source. TurnItIn Plagiarism checking is being run against all submissions. Your work must be below a 40% match per question.
Chapter 11 – The Role of Contracts
1. Define a contract.
2. What are the four characteristics of a written contract?
3. What is contractual capacity?
4. What is an offer? How is this different from a contract?
5. What are the different types of special contracts used in cyberspace and how they are commonly used?
6. How do online contracts regulate behavior of consumers, owners, and vendors?
7. What constitutes a breach of contract?
8. What is an End User License Agreement (EULA)?
9. You will play the role of a paralegal in a software development company. You have been given the task of recommending the type of license agreement that should be used for your company’s new software product line. Consider all types of license agreements in making the recommendation. The software delivery method should also be considered.
10. Do email messages count when courts are considering amendments or consent to contracts in this day and age? For instance, can you promise something in an email and it be upheld in court? What about text messages and social media posts?

Information Systems homework help