As the final step to your proposed database, submit your Project Plan.  This document should communicate how you intend to complete the project.  Include timelines and resources required.
Be sure to include:
a. Analysis – how will you determine the needs of the database? Who do you get input from and how?
b. Design – what process will you use to design the database (tables, forms, queries, reports)
c. Prototype/End user feedback – Will you show users a prototype before building the system?  What feedback are you looking for?
d. Coding – what process will you use to build the database?  Staff or consultant, how will you manage the process?
e. Testing – How will you test it?
f. User Acceptance – describe the final step of determining if you met the user’s needs?  What is success?
g. Training – what is the plan for training end users?
h. Project close out – what steps will you take to finalize the project?  Are there any more activities to consider after you are done?
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