Human Resource Management homework help. Diane is the HR manager at a small sized company. She has been with the company a short time but one of the things she has been tasked with by the CEO is addressing employee tardiness. The CEO is a stickler for punctuality and there are a few employees who continuously arrive to work late. She reviewed each employee’s timecard to determine who the serious violator were, when she completed the reviews there were a few employees that were violating the schedule; however there was 1 employee in particular who had a serious issue.
Diane at first sent various companywide emails reminding everyone of the company’s operating hours and schedule and to please make there everyone adhered to this policy. Within a week all but 1 employee was arriving to work on time. Diane next sent 2 emails on separate occasions directly to the employee who was still not arriving on time and copied her immediate supervisor.  The next time the employee arrived late Diane sent another email, this time the employee replied back that she felt she was being discriminated upon by being asked to arrive to work on time when other employees were arriving late and nothing was being done about that. The employee stated in her email that she felt she was being harassed and singled out because of her “age and gender”, the employee is 52.

  • Students need to have read chapter 2 legal environment from the textbook.
  • Each student must answer the 3 case questions provided.
  • Recommendations must have appropriate reference.
  • Paper must be in APA format, minimum of 3 pages

Case Questions:

  1. Is the company in fact discriminating against the employee by requesting she arrive to work on time?
  2. Is the employee being harassed if emails had previously been sent out to the entire organization reminding everyone of their schedules as well as the company’s policy on tardiness?
  3. What can Diane do to avoid this in the future? Make recommendation(s)


Human Resource Management homework help