1.1:  Review the implications of the concepts presented in Chapter 1 of Powell’s
book (pp. 1-11).  Provide your own personal opinions of these concepts, and
evaluate your reasons for holding these opinions.
1.2:  Summarize the major developments in the history of sex roles during the
past century (Powell, pp. 14-34).  If you had to select one event that most
dramatically changed the concept of sex roles, what would that event be?
Justify your answer.
1.3:  Discuss the issue of sex segregation of occupations (Powell, pp. 26-33),
including the sex gap in earnings.
1.4:  Despite tremendous gains in the number of women in management
positions during the past century, top management is still male-dominated.
Explain why this discrepancy still exists.  Will women ever achieve equality
in top management positions?  Justify your answer.
1.5:  Outline and evaluate the evidence for sex differences and gender
differences (Powell, pp. 4-5; 38-47).
1.6:  Explain the concept of androgyny (Powell, pp.47-52).  Include in your
answer a discussion of the Bem Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI), and the
potential advantages and disadvantages of being androgynous.
1.7:  Summarize the various influences on sex role development in children
Powell, pp. 52-61).  Evaluate the relative strength of each influence, and
provide examples to support your conclusions.
1.8:  Discuss the limitations of gender stereotypes and roles (Powell, pp. 60-63).
1.9:  Discuss the concept of influencing gender stereotypes and roles (Powell,
pp. 63-64), citing specific evidence to support each claim.
1.10:  What is the most important thing you have learned by completing this first
Exercise.  Explain your answer.