Human Resource Management homework help. Hampden Bridge
Words:        750
Due:            11.55pm Sunday 5th April
Weighting:   20%
Dear All, this assessment task has 2 parts and is a hypothetical exercise.
Part 1
Use the Risk Management Matrix (pdf attached) to help you assess a risk posed to The Hampden Bridge (pdf attached, Kangaroo Valley, NSW) from 1 type of emergency/ disaster. You can focus on any type of human induced emergency /disaster or any type of environmentally induced emergency/disaster. However, you are NOT to use a terrorist attack as an example of a human induced emergency/disaster.
You do not have to include the image of the Risk Management Matrix with the relevant rating highlighted. You can if you wish but you are not obliged to. Part 1 does NOT form part of your 750 words. The 750 words are only relevant to Part 2.
Part 2
Draw upon the academic literature to evaluate the following:

  1.   How was completing the Risk Management Matrix helpful in evaluating the risk faced by the Hampden Bridge?
  2.   What are the limitations of using a Risk Management Matrix?

This part of the assignment is to be written in essay style. Remember, it is only 750 so be concise. References in support of what you are saying in your paper do NOT make up part of the 750 words.
A simple example of a format & response 
Part 1 – Emergency/disaster    
(Put in your example)
Risk Management Matrix Determination
Overall, the risk is HIGH RISK. This is based on the likelihood of the hazard happening a 3, and a severity rating of 4.  (Or whatever determination you arrived at from your example)
Part 2 
Completing the Risk Management Matrix was helpful in evaluating the risk faced by the Hampden Bridge becasue blah, blah, blah (this is the essay part answering the two questions)

Human Resource Management homework help