Home Social Science homework help.

First, choose from one of the following areas with which social workers are often involved: Children’s Rights, Immigrant Justice, Economic Justice, or Criminal Justice Reform.
Be sure to include specific examples that illustrate the need for this social justice cause to be addressed by those in the social work profession.

  • Expose      the social and economic issues that appear to affect the selected      population.
  • Examine      how this is a human rights issue.
  • Discuss      if there are available social work services for this population.
  • Document      how you see your contribution as a social worker as making a difference.

Finally, determine which developmental phase might be most affected by this problem. Then, briefly explain why you believe this life stage would be affected.
Prepare a 3-5 page paper addressing the criteria noted above. Must be APA format, in-text citations, need 2-5 scholarly references within 5 years.

Home Social Science homework help