How was the Cold War conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union driven by the history of imperialism and the twin process of decolonization after World War II?

The essay should be about 1-2 pages, and it should deal with two different areas of conflict and it should use one set of the primary sources above.

The essay should start by “simply” answering the question and then giving a brief overview of the McMahon reading. In a second paragraph it should take up a specific region (i.e. the Middle East) or conflict (Vietnam or Cuba

n Missile Crisis) and discuss its history in relation to the prompt in some depth. The third paragraph should do the same with a different region or conflict.  Remember that bringing in a quote or two from the primary sources is a good idea; just make sure to give some context and explain how it relates to the main point. No conclusion is necessary.


Vietnam, Declaration of Independence 1945

Secretary of State’s Address, 1953

Castro Letter to Khrushchev, Oct. 26, 1962

Post Mordem on Cuba, Oct. 29, 1962

This essay will be helpful for the final course essay.  So take some time with it and do your best!