In this roundtable discussion you are to write and post (which will constitute your “presentation” in this roundtable) addressing one of the following:

1) The key reasons why Koch was an effective G-2

2) What could the intelligence staff working up Operation Anaconda done differently to improve the estimates?

3) Was it appropriate for Koch and Patton to remain silent on their estimate of an enemy attack into the Bulge?

4) How does the commander unduly and without awareness prevent intelligence from succeeding?

5) We hear a lot about collecting more intelligence as the answer to all tactical problems, but given the case studies in this class is lack of information the most serious problem facing the commander?

6) What lessons learned by Koch and Patten would have been helpful in the run up to Operation Anaconda?

7) To what extent is tactical intelligence immune to influences from the White House, Pentagon, CENTCOM, and other headquarter’s organizations over 1000 miles away? Use examples.