One product i thought of recently is coffee I do not see much marketing on coffee anymore i see alot of talk about Kurig but not about coffee itself. I feel like coffee whether it be folders or Dunkin coffee they could benefit from multi channel marketing. When i was younger i remember seeing Folgers commercial but i do not see them any more. It makes me wonder why? is the market to easy and is there no need to advertise much?




Now that you mentioned it, I have not seen any advertising for coffee. Before, I think there was a few commercials that were about coffee but not anymore. When I am on Youtube, I see advertisements about Dunkin Donuts ice coffee or starbucks but that is not the same as all the brands that are out for just regular coffee. Do you think that the audience was just not responding right to the advertisements so the brands decided to stop?


Your reference to Coca Cola is interesting.   They have a wide variety of products such as regular coca cola, coke zero, diet coke and others that are designed to appeal to different target audiences.   How can Coca Cola use IMC given this variety of products?


Hello Professor and Class

To be honest the one commercial that I find extremely irritating is the Capital One credit card commercial. This commercial annoys because it shows all types of disaster and in the end, it asks the question, what’s in your pocket. Because of my dislike for the commercial, it wouldn’t make me remember it at all, in fact, I had to look up the slogan just to find which company used the slogan. However, the one commercial that I have found memorable happens to be the one with the huge hamsters driving the Kia. For me, the line between entertainment and marketing is drawn when the commercial becomes irritating instead of amusing.



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Professor and Class,

I feel that the entertainment needs to end once you have grabbed the audiences attention. Once you have their attention you get into exactly what the advertisment is about. I saw a few of the other posts on this thread and one commercial that drives me crazy are the Progressive insurance once with flow. At what point is it about insurance and not about flow? I think entertainment can go overboard and take awy from the actual marketing.