Hello, I am studying in Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff, United Kingdom. So in my country universities are using Harvard referencing systems so can you please assist me in this assignment! I have an assignment of people and organisation subject the assignment questions are as under:
Section 3: Managing Change
1. Critically analyse at least one contemporary (modern) theoretical approach to the management of change, including strengths and weaknesses. Explain, with reference to academic theory, the potential impacts of change upon people at different levels within an organisation (Approx 1,000 words) (Learning Outcomes 1 and 4). 35 marks available
Section 4: Models of HRM and bundles of HR Policies and Practices
1. With reference to academic theory, explain how and why HRM strategy aligns with organisational strategy. You should use tables, charts and diagrams to support your answer. Approx 400 words. 15 marks available
2. Explain the academic concept of ‘bundles of HR policies and Practices’. Choose three specific HR practices to show how they support managers and employees to improve individual, team and organisational performance. Approx 600 words. 20 marks available
(Learning outcomes 3 and 4).