English homework help.

Open the file (Requirement memo 2 and 3) for links. Make Memo 2 and 3 so we will have 2 memos. Each memo should use a different link. Also, I uploaded a zipped file to follow YOU HAVE TO OPEN IT AND READ IT. 
Read the instructions file and write 350 to 400 words ONE PAGE pay attention to the grading rubric also there is a template to use. I uploaded examples to show you the right one. This memo will have five paragraphs and three agenda items: 
verify the memo has 5 paragraphs.  The memo must have three agenda items.

  1. Opening/Agenda,
  2. Body – Agenda Item 1 – What event did you attend?
  3. Body – Agenda Item 2 – 1st takeaway,
  4. Body – Agenda Item 3 – 2nd takeaway, and
  5. Conclusion.
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English homework help