The Crane Wife
Base on the story CJ Hauser is taking about her relationship with her fiancé. She talks about how her fiancé treated her poorly while she stayed in the relationship, she talked about how she stayed with him and endure his lies and cheating. She talked about how she suspects the relationship between her fiancé on one of his close friends to be more than friendship and how jealous she was of his friend. She even gives example of how she would have conversation with him in regards to her concern of the nature of their relationship but her fiancé would make her feel stupid for thinking something was going on, but later confess that he had cheated some years back with his friend. The more she talked about her relationship she would give details on how she settled for less and never asked for more, but her biggest reasoning is she felt that there are bigger problems in the world that is bigger than hers.
The writer CJ Hauser also talking about another story by making connection between the two. CJ Hauser pointer out that ten days after she called off her engagement, she had plans to go on a scientific expedition to study the whooping crane on the gulf coast of Texas. She thought about cancelling the trip due the her calling off her wedding. She thought about sitting at home and not doing anything, but she realizes that she wants to go on this trip to study the whooping crane. While making a connection between calling off her wedding and the preparation to go on the expedition she gives detail about the whooping crane. First, she talked about shopping, then she gives background detail on every person on the expedition, she gives detail on what the expedition was about. CJ Hauser transition into the expedition and then back to calling off her wedding. She was kind of going back and forth between both stories, she would give a little explain why she called off her wedding but never the full truth just in parts. She would then go back to detailing how the expedition was to save whooping cranes one of the oldest living bird spices by collecting data. She would give details and information about what she is doing on her trip, but then she would go back to her fiancé, while on the trip she realize that her breaking point should have been, and how she has settle for less and became good at it. While she was in a gift shop, she found a copy of “The Crane Wife” a Japanese story she thought was related to her own relationship with her fiancé. She explains why she called off her wedding and reflects on being afraid and not wanting to ruin herself. When she said “what I learned to do, in my relationship with my fiancé, was to survive on less” hit home for me. CJ Hauser hit a personal never in my own life because I too have that needy feeling while I feel like I am stuck with a verbally abusive partner.
Thesis Statement: The Crane Wife by CJ Hauser is about a woman who stayed in a mentality abusive relationship, canceling her wedding 10 days before her wedding date while planning to go on a scientific expedition to study the Whooping Crane on the Gulf of Texas.
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