• Rules.docx (1-2 page instruction guide for your original game)
  • Game.jpg (photo of game, its board, cards, pawns, arranged for play)
  • Analysis (5-7 paragraph analysis of game)

Using all that you have learned thus far, create an awesome analog game.  Can take whatever form you like (card game, board game, dice game, etc…)

  • Develop A Game…
    • Must have a theme
    • Must provide an instruction guide.
  • Play Your Game…
    • Take photo of your game during play
  • Analyze your game…
    • 5-7 paragraphs
    • Give a summary of your game
    • Identify your games strengths (what worked)
    • Identify your games weaknesses (what didn’t work)
    • Explore changes you would make in the next iteration and why