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We all consume products that come from commodity chains. These chains may be very local or global. They may result in simple commodities (like milk), or very complex products (automobiles). Commodity chains are a connected series of activities and transactions regulated by governments, organized by businesses (and other organizations), taking place in dispersed locations based on a spatial division of labour.
Your assignment is to lay out and describe the ‘geography of the commodity chain’ of a part of your breakfast. Choose something seemingly simple, such as a glass of milk, juice, or a cup of coffee or tea. You could also analyze the commodity chains of cereal, toast, a boiled egg, bacon, sausage, a jar of jam or a pad of butter, or any other foods that you eat at breakfast.
Your assignment should fully describe the selected commodity chains:
What are the location structures of the chains: from the initial source of the raw materials to the store where you purchased the products?
What are the main activities in the commodity chains: such as farming, processing, distribution, marketing, and retail (stores)?
How are the activities organized (who are the main actors)?
What are the key government regulations that guide or set rules for the commodity chains?
How are different goods (or inputs) exchanged along the commodity chains?
You should also add critical or analytical comments: environmental impacts, employment etc..
Use the internet, news stories, or contact the local producers of the products.
1. Briefly lay out your commodity chains;
2. Illustrate your value chains in the form of diagrams and figures;
3. Focus on the product consumed (the orange juice, not the container), or related products (sugar, milk, fat, etc.);
4. Focus on the main activities in the commodity chains (don’t analyze the bowls, plates, chairs, table).
Format: at least 2 pages, double spaced of text. Which does not include images.

English homework help