English homework help. IGE 1200 Prompt for Essay #1
Choose one of the following prompts. Respond with a 4-5-page paper formatted with 12 point font and
page-numbered with 1-inch margins. Provide a title page that gives your name, the course number and title,
instructors’ names, semester and year, and the date turned in.
Using a scholarly style format, you should cite quotes, and provide a bibliography of all outside sources.
As in all IGE papers, please establish and investigate concrete connections between the different texts you use and
between those texts and your own thoughts, feelings, and/or values.
Support your reasoning and reflections with direct examples from the course materials, which you cite appropriately
according to MLA, APA, or Chicago manuals of style. “Support” means that you will discuss and explain each
example, interpreting its meaning and developing its implications as evidence. Do not oversimplify; instead explore
the nuances of the connections you make.
Academic Integrity
All students are expected to turn in original work. Your paper should be an expression of your own words and
1. Discuss hell as a metaphorical and emotional space drawing on Dante’s ideas and your own. For you, is it
closer to a manifestation of an afterlife or is it more a metaphor for emotional or psychological states (such
as those depicted in some of your visual representations of hell)? Relate your discussion of hell to the
themes of authority and faith.
2. In the Inferno, does Dante grow and develop as a character? Explain how (or how not) and support your
arguments with examples from the text. Do you think his understanding of authority and faith changes?
3. If you were seeking enlightenment, which of the traditions we explored in class—Hinduism, Buddhism,
Confucianism, Taoism, and Islam—would you choose and why? Use your RRs and AR only as points of
departure. In the essay, go into more depth and specificity.
4. The overarching themes of this course are authority and faith. Reflect on our class readings and
discussions, and explore how your understanding of the interaction between these concepts is developing.
Draw on examples from at least three of the course materials to support your discussion.
5. Do you have an idea for a paper that does not fit into any of the prompts above? Talk to us about your idea.
Criteria for Evaluation of the Paper
This paper contributes 20% toward your course grade. We will consider the following as we read your paper:
Thesis/Focus/Conclusion. Does the paper have a clear thesis or main idea that synthesizes observations and
analysis Does the conclusion match the thesis?
Organization. Does the opening paragraph engage the reader and set up the author’s purpose? Does each
paragraph contribute to developing the author’s thesis? Do the paragraphs have topic sentences and transitions that
help the reader follow the ideas? Does the author address all aspects of the prompt?
Support. Does the author use examples from course texts, films, and discussions, field trips, arts events, and
personal experiences to explain his/her ideas? Does the author consider diverse perspectives and values? Are
examples paraphrased without extensive summarizing? Are all points explained clearly? Are quotes used effectively
and accurately?
Grammar/Mechanics/Syntax. Is the essay free from major errors in spelling and grammar? Are the word choices
correct for academic writing, and are the sentences fluent and varied? Are all quotations and specialized information
appropriately cited? Consult a

English homework help