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Cause and Effect with Research

Research an author on the syllabus.   Decide on an event in the individual’s life which you think may have affected his/her work.   Maybe one incident influenced a number of literary works or a number of events are evident in one of the author’s works.  Compose a pre-write in which the thesis and each topic expresses a cause or effect idea.  For example: “Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novels were influenced by his relationship with Margaret Fuller while at Brook Farm.” Or  “Gwendolyn Brooks’ association with the Harlem Renaissance caused her to change the topic and tone of her writing.” Or
“Gerard Manly Hopkins studies for the priesthood influenced his poems.” First, each event needs to be documented from a biography of the writer. Then, each work that you suggest was a result of the event needs to be analyzed and quoted from to illustrate your point.
Fact filled biographies which fail to link the author to the art produced are not acceptable. Do not write about birth, death, education or rewards. Explaining that the author lived in an age of racial injustice is not enough to explain why his/her poetry shows sensitivity to racial issues. You’ll need to cite examples of specific events which the author observed, encountered or endured.
Format: MLA
Please include a title page, an outline, in text citations and a works cited page. The essay should be at least 750 words.
1. Introduction –First Paragraph
Your underlined thesis, the name of the author and the works that you are evaluating go here. State in a complete sentence each supporting argument.  Reproduce your SFP in its entirety here. Begin with a hook. Don’t ask a lame question. Quote from a story perhaps.
2. Body – Middle Paragraphs
Begin each paragraph with a cause/effect topic sentence which is a clear reword from your SFP (2A, 2B, 2C).  Next, discuss the event in the author’s personal life that you see reflected in her work. Cite the biographical source in parenthesis. This is your cause and will be the first half of the paragraph. Then, in the second half of each body paragraph reveal what event or character you think reflects this event.  Quote from a work of the author that you think may have been inspired by the event and document the quotation.  Analyze and explain  why you are connecting the life event with the story or poem.  Finally relate your example(s) and topic idea (the point of the paragraph) to your thesis.
3. Final Paragraph — Summary
This paragraph is important. It should be at least five sentences. Summarize your points.   Remember to: 
1. Use the present tense
2. Underline names of plays or books and put titles of short stories or poems in quotation marks.
3. This paper is not acceptable without carefully documented MLA style in-text citations and works cited page. Review plagiarism warnings. Need help? Ask me or go to the Writing Center.
4. This is a research paper and the quality and quantity of your sources will determine your grade.

English homework help