English homework help. I. INTRODUCTION  Create a scenario, a situation, in which the knowledge of this process would be essential. For example, if you were to write on the process of changing a vehicle’s tire, a proper opening scenario could involve a situation in which a person is driving home alone late at night on a deserted road out of cell phone range.  Your thesis statement will include the number of steps, the difficulty level of the steps, and perhaps the total time of the process AND the purpose of the reader knowing the procedure. Please, eschew statements that announce: “In this essay I will show you how to do this.” Instead, make declarative statements, such as “If one correctly follow my easy six-step, ten-minute process for changing a tire, he or she will be able to perform the task quickly and safely.”

II. BODY  Unlike the Example Essay, the Process-Analysis Essay does not necessarily consist of 5 paragraphs. Similar to the Narrative Essay, you will group into paragraphs related information—particularly, you will group steps into phases.  Arrange your steps CHRONOLOGICALLY, so they follow a linear progression as a timeline.  Use proper transitions between steps, such as next, then, while, after, first, second, and for example. Consult the Website for a more complete list, with especial regard to the “sequence.”  HOW EXACTLY! (assume nothing). Be descriptive.

III. CONCLUSION  Refer back to your opening scenario and purpose.  Describe (usually through sense details) the finished product—What should it look, smell, taste, feel, and/or sound like if the process were performed correctly?  Mention the total time the entire process should take.  Finish with a relevant clincher sentence

For this essay you are to choose a subject with which you are well-acquainted and compose a 2-3 page process essay explaining how to complete the process. Begin by providing a list of necessary tools, ingredients, supplies, etc., and then create a detailed essay on how to complete the process. Remember that you should be able to hand your essay to a classmate, and he or she should be able to complete the task.

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