PART 1: focuses on listening. It also brings up the term active listening. When is the last time you actively listening? What’s the context? Who were you listening to? How do you normally listen in conversation? What did you feel while listening? What did emotion did you perceive in the speaker? What did you learn?
How can you be a better listener? Who deserves better active listening from you? Which of the types of listening do you typically do?
Please, reflect and share on these questions below.

Bias- prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.
EVERYONE has biases. You can biased to a certain color, sport or time of day. Bias that are based on peoples’ identity is where things get complicated. Harmful bias historically leads to harmful action, policy, and treatment.
While this videos may seem to focus on how people speak as a reason their voice is often invalidated, the biases are actually rooted in a number of issues including but not limited to racism, patriarchy, anti-blackness, classism, and so on. Why don’t we listen to some people? Are they too emotional? Do they speak too badly? Do they not seem educated enough?
What biases do you have as a listener? What are triggers for you? Please, reflect and share below.

focuses on delivery. I have provided a video with vocal warm ups for you to try before your next speech.
What improvements are you hoping to make in delivery as you prepare for your next speech?
What method of presentation have you been using? Remember we shouldn’t be using. Identify at least one concept to reflect and share the improvements you hope to make.