The Paradigm Shift paper
Professional educators are reflective practitioners. Reflecting upon past practices, considering theoretical history, and making connections to current best practice demonstrates professional responsibility as well as strengthens our knowledge and ability to best support children and families.
This week’s written assignment asks you to describe how the past (history, child development theories, guidance theories and practices) has influenced the present (current best practices in positive behavior guidance). Use your experiences in the early childhood setting to guide your reflection. How has the paradigm shifted from punishment to guidance? Where does discipline fit in? Do you see evidence of the past and current best practice in your preparation of the classroom environment? How about in your teaching or guidance philosophy?
In a two-page Reflection paper, discuss behavior guidance now and then.
Your paper should include:

  1. Two pages describing how the past has influenced the present
  2. Information about the philosophies, theories, early models from this week’s readings, lecture notes, and videos
  3. Evidence of understanding of how DAP influences current practices and why
  4. Provide details to support your insights and opinions
  5. APA formatted title and reference pages as well as in text citation where appropriate

Submit your completed assignment to the drop box