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Here is the benchmark for this week: There is a template! I corrected the one from the Course Materials and have attached it below. Please USE this one! It is required!

Please watch my video to help you with this week’s assignment:

There are two parts to your benchmark.
For Part 1: Developing Strategies
You will read each scenario for each student. (You do not have to answer the question at the end of each scenario. Just think about it.) Each student response should be 150-200 words. Please include the following:

  • Learning Theory: A learning theory that applies specifically to each student’s unique cognitive, linguistic, social-emotional, and physical developmental needs. Make sure you list the theory, and then explain why it is appropriate for that student. (Think back to Week 1 when we looked at Chapter 6; see Table 6.1 or the Sanford Brown Website link. Another acceptable source for choosing a valid learning theory is Table 2.1 in Chapter 2 of our textbook.)
  • Developmentally appropriate instruction strategy: One developmentally appropriate instruction strategy you would recommend to assist each specific student, taking into account the students’ individual strengths, interests, differences and needs. (Take a look in Chapter 8, Table 8.3 of our text to help with this. Consider cognitive development and abilities, as well as contextual factors e.g., language and culture from Week 2’s PowerPoint assignment, when developing the strategies.)Here are some additional links to help you get started:

  • Modification Plan: Your plan to modify instruction to meet this student’s specific needs. (-See our discussion posts in DQ2 this week to assist you, as well as the attached resource file.)
  • Accommodation strategies: Strategies to incorporate accommodations for students with exceptionalities in assessments and testing conditions. (-See our discussion posts in DQ2 this week to assist you.)

For Part 2:
In 250-500 words, write a reflection that addresses the following:

  • The importance of understanding cognitive, linguistic, social-emotional, and physical development of children when designing and modifying instruction(Specific theories and principles learned in class are expected, such as learning theories, motivational theories, contextual factors, differentiation, multiple intelligences, or complex processes. Research support is needed in this section).
  • The steps you can take to ensure you are creating developmentally appropriate instruction that takes into account individual students’ strengths, interests, differences, and needs, using instructional strategies that promote students’ learning and individual development, acquisition of knowledge, and motivation. (Be specific! I want to see detail here).
  • You are expected to include at least 3 citations and references. This is 10% of the grade. Support your information with a minimum of three scholarly references.

The assignment directions say to prepare this assignment according to the GCU guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
In addition, this assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
**Remember, your BENCHMARK assignment worth 300 points is this week! Don’t wait, start looking at it now and start planning how you prioritize your classwork this week so you are not anxious or stressed. 🙂 Lastly, 10% will be deducted for late submissions. This is 30 points per day. Please make sure to get this in on time. I know you all will do AMAZING!!! Keep working hard!
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Education homework help