Your assignment # 5 relates to an “Group Dynamics” from chapter 9 “Group Development and Team Building” by Mosley, Pietri and Mosley, designed to reinforce the learning objectives of the course, and in conjunction with the final exam will provide a measure of your material’s knowledge and critical thinking skills.
Your question analysis and preparation will require for you to complete the reading for Chapter 9
* Answer the following questions:  > What are some of the primary reasons people resist change?  What are some of the ways a team leader can ensure that change is accepted or at least not resisted?.  > Compare and contrast formal groups and informal groups.  Explain the importance of leadership in both types of groups.
* Your answers must be written in a short essay format APA Style of Writing, no less than half (150 words) to a full page (300 words) per answer in written content.
with multiple academic resources and citations to support the content of the case study
Due Sunday April 5.2020 end of day…