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Destructive Communication

Write a 2 page paper considering the following: Destructive communication takes many forms. This is vividly depicted in the film, The 33.

  • Describe a work interaction in which you witnessed or experienced one-upping, withdrawing, bottling negative emotions, lashing out unexpectedly, engaging in personal insult rather than addressing a problem, or insistence on handling issues alone.  Be sure to define the term(s) you are using for this example.
  • Explain the response this behavior created in the interaction and how you or the other person reacted in turn.

NOTE: If you cannot think of a personal work situation where one of these events occurred, you might want to view The 33 and use an example from the film.

  • Given what you have learned in this chapter, discuss what you would have done differently in that interaction and what advice would you give others in a similar situation.  If you choose to use the film, discuss what did the miners did to resolve their communication and work through group conflict.

Use at least three sources in addition to the course text. The paper is to follow APA guidelines (Links to an external site.) as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Required Resources


Read the following chapters in Group behavior in organizations:

  • Chapter 3: Interpersonal Relations, Communication and Group Effectiveness
  • Chapter 4: Diversity

Recommended Resources


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