This assignment provides you with an opportunity to draft the details for establishing an ideal leadership culture at your dream job in criminal justice.

First, select the type of criminal justice agency for your dream job (select ONE):

police department,  sheriff department,  jail,  prison,  probation department,  parole department,  child protective agency,  investigation firm,  district court,  social service agency, or  victim advocacy agency.

After selecting the type of agency, consider this scenario as you begin visualizing the leadership culture you would like to establish. Recently, you were hired as a key leader to rejuvenate a criminal justice agency. The highest executive has high standards and has set challenging goals. Now, the executive has hired you to strategically set the stage for achieving these goals. So, what type of leadership culture would you establish? What type of leadership culture would you be proud to represent? Using your research and the concepts in this course, write a three-five page paper by answering the following questions about your leadership culture:

1. What leadership theory would best benefit your agency? What leadership theory can cause issues with your agency?

2. What barriers to communication are most problematic in your agency? How can these barriers best be dealt with?

3. What environmental factors are most problematic in your agency? What internal factors are most problematic in your agency? How can the negative impact of these factors be minimized?

4. What factors can impact the motivation of employees in your chosen agency? How can you best motivate your employees?

5. What ethical and integrity issues exist within your criminal justice agency? Discuss how they can best be dealt with?

6. How can financial and manpower resources best be allocated in your agency?

7. What issues exist in coming up with a successful budget in your agency? How will you deal with these issues?

8. Examine which decision-making theory would best fit your agency? Discuss how it can be applied to your agency.

9. Examine the future of your agency. How can employees best deal with changing leadership? What steps can you take to assist in a smooth transition?

Locate a minimum of two articles in the online library to support the assertions within your paper. Your response should be at least Four pages full in length. Use APA Style to format your response (no table of contents), proofread your work, and then submit your assignment in Blackboard for grading.

This is an research paper. Please read.  Academic writing.