Approximately 1/2 to 3/4 page, double spaced.  5 points for each summary, and you may do two summaries, so possible 10 additional points.  Due date, Wednesday, December 9th, 8:30pm.  Note on the summary which article you have read.
Summarize, critique, make observations — as you wish.  Although, if you’re going to “critique” a noted scholar such as Dr. Williams, tread wisely, and respectfully.  🙂
Below is a link to his archive page from which you may select any of the articles.  There are several years worth of columns, but I’m going to restrict us to 2020 only. As you read thru you’ll note some emphasis on Education, Race, Crime, and other matters.  Hence, you’ll need to locate columns which are of interest to you. (Links to an external site.)
It’s very likely, Dr. William’s perspective on issues germane to our course will differ from your own.  All the more reason to read and reflect on his musings.